Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy from RP Seitz Ancient Coins?

You can easily buy products from our online store. Please visit the link to find your particular product, add to cart, and then check-out.

Is there a minimum order amount?

There is no minimum order amount, though if you order from outside the United States, shipping charges will apply.

Do I have to open an account with RP Seitz Ancient Coins to purchase?

You need an account to purchase RP Seitz Ancient Coins. Here is the following link: After you have built your account and are ready to buy the item, go to the listing and click on the Add to Cart button (please note that you HAVE to complete the store-by-store purchase-that is, your cart can only include items from a single store at any time).

Can I cancel my order after it's placed?

You enter into a contract with the dealer to buy the coin by placing an order. Please contact the dealer as soon as possible to let him or her know if you have changed your mind after placing the order. Many cancelations of your transactions can result in your account being terminated and your access to RP Seitz Ancient Coins being limited.

After my order is placed, can I change it?

Please contact the dealer as soon as possible to let him or her know if you have changed your mind after placing the order.

Can you store my precious metals purchases for me?

You will be given the option to store your newly purchased items when you buy Precious Metals from RP Seitz Ancient Coins. RP Seitz Ancient Coins ships the products directly to the shipping company when payment has been fulfilled. The shipping company then ships the products to a designated safe location where they will be stored by one of the world’s leading providers of secure storage.

Is anyone allowed to buy from ARCI?

We are pleased to offer our products to all sorts of customers – coin owners, traders, distributors, and brokers who will be delivering their pieces within the United States. With a credit card, our online websites make ordering online easy. You can use a credit card to position your online order for first-time orders of less than $2,000. You should use a check or wire to save 2 percent from the posted credit card price if you place a more significant trade. If you call us at 814-673-5011, we deliver money and quantity discounts.

What is die axis, and why should I care?

Die alignment defines how the obverse and reverse die matched when the coin was struck. Also known as die axis or coin rotation. If there is a consistent die alignment of a coin type (Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval), the deviation may indicate a forgery. However, die alignment is only useful to detect very old falsifications.

I am afraid my coin is a fake. How can I tell a real coin from a fake?

To be safe, you only need to buy coins from dealers that you trust and that are genuinely recognized; it’s just that simple! The best protection against fake coins is buying only from a trusted dealer who offers a lifetime reimbursement guarantee when a coin is found to be fake.

Do you recommend investing in ancient coins?

Ancient coins are actual, tangible links to our distant past and the earliest trading days. For many, the market for ancient coins is a desirable alternative to investing in other more conventional assets or indices, and indeed coins have often outperformed stocks or bonds considerably. A carefully selected collection of ancient certified coins can prove successful over time.